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What is the MLT System?

The MLT System allows for the installation of large-sized ceramic or stone tiles, on floors, walls and ceilings, ensuring a perfectly levelled tile surface via the use of two completely reusable components, that enable the mechanical levelling adjustment.

It helps fitters with their tiling, ensuring an excellent but above all technically correct aesthetic finish. The use of the system ensures compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The MLT System is both economical and respectful to the environment, indeed it is the first levelling system that is truly “green” as it is recyclable. The MLT System is the first truly eco-friendly system 1.

Can I use the MLT System with any material?

Unlike other systems, the MLT System can be used with stone tiles and ceramic slabs starting from a 30×30 cm size, with thicknesses from 3mm to 20mm.

Can the MLT System be used with ultrathin tiles?

Yes. The MLT technicians together with a scientific team have designed a specific bottom plate for very thin tiles and slabs.
The product addresses and overcomes problems relating to the tiling of these materials, due to the design of the bottom plate that ensures complete adhesive coverage underneath the entire edge of the material being fitted.

How much does the MLT System cost?

The cost is low because the only nonreusable MLT System component is the bottom plate (that remains integrated in the adhesive under the tiles). Straps and caps can be reused again and again. The price of the bottom plates is very reasonable compared to other systems.

What is the minimum tile joint?

The engineers are extremely proud of the fact that greatly reduced measurements have been achieved for the first time (0.5mm thickness). This is not possible with any other levelling system currently on the market. Theminimum installation distance is 0.5 mm with the MLT System™, it is recommended, however, that the joints should be kept within the recommendations outlined in the Tile Council of North America’s “Manual for Tile Setting”.
Using the new Ready straps the miminum tile joint available is 2 mm.

How does the bottom plate become integrated in the construction material?

The bottom plates are completely immersed due to the specific “fork” design that sinks into the material instead of pushing it outside as other competitor products do.

Can the MLT System be used to cover walls?

Absolutely, yes and it can be used for ceilings as well. The MLT System™ covers walls with tiles, very quickly; the bottom plates have special holes that attach to the ceiling. It is recommended to only use the system for thin tiles on ceilings.

How many types of bottom plates are available?

For the time being there are three types of bottom plates available: one for thin tiles, one for stone/porcelain tiles and one for material calibrated up to a maximum thickness of about 2cm.

What does it mean that the caps and straps are reuseable?

Straps and caps are made with materials that allow them to be used several hundreds of times, this allows for the cancellation of initial acquisition costs.
The straps are made from nylon with a stainless steel insert.
The cap is made from nylon completely, the hook area between
the cap and strap has been made to last long. If the caps or straps are worn out in the hook area, a double stainless steel thin sheet can be inserted in the relevant cap housing to further prolong their use.

The new Ready straps are directly linked with their plates and ready to use. For this reason, after removal, they cannot be reused again, because they can’t be re-linked with any other plates. The Ready straps are made with nylon so they can be recycled.

Can the MLT System automatically level the floor?

The system currently allows levelling of the floor but it cannot guarantee laying the surface of the floor automatically. It all depends on the screed that must be reasonably smooth before positioning the tiles.
Information on the correct preparation to be carried out of the surface area can be referred to in the “Tile Council of North America” (TCNA guidelines).

Should I soak the straps before use?

While most other systems request that straps should be pre-soaked, when the MLT System is used this procedure is not required.

How do I reposition a cap after tension has been applied?

This procedure is not possible using competitor systems, since it would involve breaking the strap and disposing it together with the bottom plate; this does not happen with the MLT System.
The patented hook system, allows the cap to be released even under tension with a simple lateral movement, it is now possible to reposition the strap and the bottom plate and proceed with a new clamping.

Can I use the MLT System with delicate materials?

To prevent scratches, the use of protective rubber is highly recommended when installing delicate materials.

How do I become an MLT System distributor or vendor?

For business information, please use the contacts that you will find on our website

How can I receive a quick response concerning a technical query?

For any technical information regarding the MLT System™, it is possible to contact our experts in the sector, who you will find on our website

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