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The innovative levelling system for floors, walls and ceilings. You will regret not having discovered it before!

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MLT System™ Caps

The special MLTS caps made out of nylon, ensure a constant clamping pressure, until the adhesive has been fully developed, due to the resilient wings.

No ordinary "gun"

The innovative, ergonomic and scratch-resistant tool facilitates a quick and accurate tiling, due to the traction force selector. Also available for the DIY user.

Less waste, more gain

The specific hook system allows straps to be reused. The MLT System is currently on the market as the system with the least waste.

Safeguarding delicate materials

Special protective rubber isto be applied on the cap to prevent scratches and markings during the tiling of polished marble and ultrathin materials.

KIT 200-R


KIT 100-R


KIT 100-S


KIT 200-S

KIT 200-C

Why use the MLT System?

The MLT SYSTEM™ is a patented tiling system, it is simple and innovative for floors. It is easy to learn and quick to use.

  • Perfect finish
  • Tiling speed


A great step forward! Here’s why…

Why is the MLT System™ considered as the advancement in floor tiling?

Until today, tilers worldwide used ordinary tools and in order to complete a job well, they mostly trusted their own experience. However, the results may not be perfect.

Today, the MLT System™ introduces a new system of easy and reliable tiling that enables professionals, and nonprofessionals alike, to tile floors, walls and ceilings, both quickly and with complete peace of mind.

The MLT System™ is the only system currently on the market whose components are reused several times over 1. The savings in consumable materials is translated into greater benefits, not to mention the obvious low contaminant impact.

Tiling time is noticeably reduced by the MLT System™ which will astonish you, not only that: quicker completion times with the same results will enable you to be more productive.

Customers will no longer complain. The steps on your floors will be a mere distant memory. The MLT System™ makes you happy, but above all it makes your customers happy.

For these reasons the MLT System™ is to be considered as an advancement, a great step forward…

1. The only nonreusable component is the bottom plate, which remains under the tile surface. Ready straps, after removal, cannot be used again.

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