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Why use the MLT System?

The MLT SYSTEM™ is a patented tiling system, it is simple and innovative for floors. It is easy to learn and quick to use.

Thanks to the help of the MLT System™ you will manage to complete the fitting of floors, walls and even tiled ceilings, in a very short period of time and with a flawless finish. You will no longer have to concern yourselves with aligning every single tile! The MLT System will level off the floor, clearly saving time.

Unlike other systems currently on the market, the MLT System™ is completely reusable 1. The only nonreusable parts are the bottom plates positioned below the tiles that are an integral part of the floor as they perform structural functions. There isn’t any waste with the MLT System™ 1.

The MLT System™ …a great step forward!

1. Ready straps, after removal, cannot be used again.

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