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Slim strap - T1

A. The stainless steel strap insert will allow for a minimum of 0.5 mm seam (1/64”)for reduce thickness panel in countertop installations, as well as joints up to 1cm (3/8”).

B. Made from high quality Nylon and Stainless Steel, the reusable strap is designed to last through hundreds of uses. They can be used on any tile size and thickness (reduced thickness tiles and panels up to ¾ “ Slabs).

Cleaning tips for caps and straps
To remove occasionally adhered setting material from the reusable straps and caps it is reccomended to use CLR, Sulfamic crystals, Vinegar or equivalent diluited in water. These cleaners are effective (Some more then others) at removing setting materials as well restoring the luster of the stainless steel and Nylon. Dip the products in the liquid for about 30-60 min.

Straps comparison

Slim Ready
Minimum gap 0,5 mm 2 mm
Reusable strap Yes No
Use with uncalibrated tiles Yes 1 No
Require pre-mount Si No

1. Only with P3 plates


  • × 250 pieces
  • × 500 pieces

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